Before we can begin cane pruning, the re-wiring must be completed.
To begin this process, we start by securing the end of the wire at the straining post and carefully run it out across the length of the row using the quad bike or a small vehicle with the wire wheel attached.
It is then cut and secured at the strainer post on the other end of the row, ready for stapling.


After the wire has been run along the row, the stapling will begin, starting with the highs and lows of the block to ensure the tension of the wire is right once the straining is complete.

The remaining stapling will be done after the wires have been strained to ensure the tension and positioning is accurate.


Once the highs and lows of the block have been stapled, the wires will be strained and secured.

Like each of our tasks, all health and safety measures are very strict as this can be a risky practice if not taken seriously.