After the cordons/trunks have been cut, they will need to be pulled out of the trellis and placed in the middle of the row, ready to be cleaned up by the vine claw.
The vines are pulled into every second row and laid across the row to increase time management and efficiency.


We have specially manufactured a skid steer attachment (The Vine Claw) which allows us to easily gather, collect, carry and release the cut cordons/trunks/wires from the row and place them into the rubbish pile


The vine claw is followed by a walk-through/hand clean up which allows for any missed rubbish including cordons/trunks and wires.

A vehicle, such as the quad bike with a trailer attached or a Ute or RTV will be driven by a trained and licensed employee, while 1-3 employees will follow behind, collecting any rubbish left over and placing it in the trailer.


During the clean up with both the vine claw and by hand, the rubbish will be placed in 1 or 2 piles, ready for disposal.
The type of disposal carried out is decided by the grower.

One option is to do a burn off, if suited to the rules and regulations of the state and community and if so, will be closely managed and monitored by staff until the burn is complete.

Another option is to have the rubbish collected and taken to a dump. Further bin hire, transport and disposal fees may apply.