The cane pruning process after the first year of using MaxiCut is the same as any ongoing year of cane pruning and one that a grower may become very familiar with if not already if they have previously had cane pruning experience.

After vineyard rejuvenation, cutting the cordons with the MaxiCut vine shears, Cane pruning begins with cutting, which is performed after the required canes are selected.
Depending on the cane layout that the grower requires, the pruner will select a certain number of canes and a certain number of spurs (Often 2 of each) which are the most healthy, strong and best positioned. They will then cut off the remaining canes, allowing full growth potential for the selected canes.


After the cutting has been carried out, the canes are trimmed to the required length or number of buds.

Depending on the cane layout, the canes may or may not be able to overlap each other and may be wrapped/arched on single or dual wires.


The growers decision to wrap, arch or potentially both effects the way that this job is carried out but either can be done very easily.

Once the canes have been wrapped or arched, they will be tied to wire, using our tie guns from INFACO