Both cane pruning and spur pruning each have their benefits and certain factors such as variety, location, money, time, influence, tradition and more all play a major part in the grower’s decision to side with one or the other.

Many growers throughout Australia are deciding to transition from spur to cane pruning due to a number of reasons and as a result, many growers are healthier vines, allowing for a higher production rate.


One of the major reasons why a grower may decide to rejuvenate their vines is to eliminate the spread of eutypa infection in the vine which unfortunately is an extremely common issue that many Australian growers face.
Eutypa dieback is one of the major trunk diseases in vineyards. The fungus grows slowly, causing stunted shoots and progressively killing spurs, cordons and trunks and eventually the entire vine.

To ensure that all the eutypa has been removed, we recommend the 2 stage rejuvenation process over 2-3 years, resulting in the vine being replaced by a strong and healthy water shoot.


MaxiCut is an ideal tool for growers who are looking to begin grafting their vines.

Grafting, also known as budding, is the process of converting one variety to another by inserting the bud of the new variety into the trunk of the old variety.

Before this can be done, the vine must be cut back at the trunk which will allow the nutrients and energy to pump into the new shoot system once grafted.